Snow in Amsterdam

I find myself missing the heavy winters of my hometown. Yesterday we were lucky enough to see Amsterdam covered with a thin layer of snow, looking like a glazed dessert 🙂

It melted away as quickly as it came and the birds are back to singing as if spring is just around the corner, so I thought I’d share with you a poem I found yesterday and loved.

The Dipper  

 It was winter, near freezing,
 I'd walked through a forest of firs
 when I saw issue out of the waterfall
 a solitary bird.

 It lit on a damp rock,
 and, as water swept stupidly on,
 wrung from its own throat
 supple, undammable song.

 It isn't mine to give.
 I can't coax this bird to my hand
 that knows the depth of the river
 yet sings of it on land.

Keep warm & stay safe.


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