Political communication

International relations graduate (New Sorbonne University, Paris) & Communication science MSc (University of Amsterdam). Experience in policy analysis (European Union, United States, Eastern Europe), campaign creation, industry report creation, strategy, government-media-public dynamics assessment & management. Hard skills include SPSS statistical analysis, scientific literacy, qualitative and quantitative data gathering and analysis.


Journalism & Media

Extensive experience as a freelance journalist/analyst. Areas include new media, solutions journalism, explanatory journalism, long-form writing. Narrow expertise in dis/misinformation research & fact-checking, focus on preventative inoculative approach for debunking. Academic focus on media monitoring and journalistic normative frameworks (digital journalism).


Language & Linguistics

Bachelor’s in English (New Sorbonne University, Paris), program focus on linguistics, discourse analysis, language in the context of culture and history. Fostering attention to writing – word/sentence structure, grammar, analytical dimensions, rhetorics.

Fluent in Bulgarian (native), French, English, conversational Russian.

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